Please note: Tri-Creek School Corporation is switching to a new student information system to replace Harmony for the 2014-2015 school year. Web access to past Harmony information for parents and students will be closed at that time.  More information on the new system will be available soon.

Tri-Creek School Corporation is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Logic Key, Inc.’s to provide an enhanced and robust Student Information System. Harmony School Management Software provides parents with the capability to view portions, in real time, of their child’s academic record via the internet. Through secure usernames and passwords, parents will have access to only their child’s information. As with all passwords, it is important to not share the password with others.

The information available for viewing includes:
Attendance Report – A summary of absences and tardies.
Discipline Report – A summary of all discipline encounters.
Progress Report - The student’s current grades.
Homework Agenda – A list of assignments taught/due.
Assignment Summaries – By class, parents and students will be able to see all assignments, the score on each assignment, and the overall grade.
Web messages- See messages posted by the school or teachers pertaining to the individual student and his/her classes
School Calendar

To access Harmony go to the Tri-Creek School Corporation or individual building website below. There is an option to “Log in to Harmony”. Once you click this, you will be prompted for your username and password. If you do not have a username and password you must request one from your child's school.

Once you have entered Harmony, you will have the options of viewing your child’s school Web Messages, Attendance Report, Discipline Report, Progress Report, Homework Agenda, and Student Assignment Summaries by clicking on the appropriate links. You may print any of the reports by using your web browser’s usual print function.


Harmony Web Access

Using your provided account information you can login to Harmony by selecting the building your child is attending. You should use these links if you are registering your child.

Lowell High School

Lowell Middle School

Lake Prairie Elementary School

Oak Hill Elementary School

Three Creeks Elementary School

Requesting a secure username and password for Harmony

To be able to access your child/children's information, you will need to request a Harmony account. There will be opportunities to request an account for each child during fall registration, parent conferences, open houses, or submit a request form to the school building. For security purposes you are asked to submit your request in person to your child's school. Your secure account login name and password information will be emailed to you.

Also, at the same time, please indicate if you are interested in receiving a telephone, text message, and email notification of events or emergencies from the school district or individual school with SchoolMessenger. The corporation and buildings will be using SchoolMessenger to announce school delays, cancellations, emergency notification, bus delays, or school events.