December 31 - Updated COVID-19 Protocols

December 31 - Updated COVID-19 Protocols
Tri-Creek Schools will welcome staff and students back from Winter Break for in-person learning on Monday, January 3, 2022. Please be aware and reminded of the following information pertaining to the COVID-19 Protocols:

Masking - All schools, with the exception of Three Creeks Elementary, return on January 3 with masks being optional. Three Creeks Elementary will have masks required for the week of January 3. This falls in line with the established COVID Protocols revised on November 1, 2021. Remember, masks are required at all times while on a school bus regardless of school.

Quarantine Period Reduced for COVID-positive Persons - The isolation period for persons testing positive for COVID-19 has been reduced from 10 days down to five (5) days as per the Indiana Department of Health. To calculate the five days, Day 0 is the day symptoms began. If the individual was asymptomatic (no symptoms) and was tested, Day 0 is the date the positive test sample was taken. Persons may return to school on Day 6 as long as remaining fever free for at least 24 hours without medication and symptoms are resolving; wear a mask Days 6-10. This pertains to extracurricular activities as well.

At-Home Close Contacts - Persons identified as close contacts in the home who cannot isolate away from the positive case should quarantine for 5 days after the person with the positive case has completed their initial five days of quarantine and fever free for 24 hours. For example, a COVID-positive parent who needs to continue to care for a child and cannot be isolated from the child must complete five days of quarantine in the home while keeping the child home from school. Once five days have elapsed for the COVID-positive parent from the first sign of symptoms, the child should then remain home for an additional five days; child may return to school on their Day 6 as long as remaining asymptomatic and recommended to wear a mask through Day 10.

Any person exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should stay home or will be sent home upon arrival to school. Everyone needs to do their part to accomplish our goal of keeping our schools open with healthy students and staff. If a symptom exists, please report the absence for the reason of "illness" and do not return until all symptoms have gone away on their own or cleared by a doctor with written documentation.

COVID Screening Document for Parents

Persons with COVID-like symptoms may not be present in school. People who present COVID-like symptoms at school will be sent home. People who present COVID-like symptoms for more than two days must stay home for a total of five full quarantine days (the day symptoms begin is considered Day "0"; return on Day 6) unless submitting a negative COVID test result or a doctor’s note indicating the symptoms are not COVID related and may return to school. Remember, everyone must do their part to keep our schools open. If sick, then stay home.

A Note for Tri-Creek Staff: Any employee who already knows they will not be able to work on Monday, January 3 should notify their building administrator and also go ahead and log Monday's absence using the Frontline AESOP absence management system.