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Tri-Creek School Corporation utilizes SchoolMessenger Skylert as our partner for delivering emergency notifications, COVID-19 updates, district events, and school reminders. You can opt to receive phone calls, emails, and text messages. As a part of your registration process on Skyward you will be given the option of including the following emergency information:

Up to 7 phone number contacts
Up to 4 email addresses
1 text messaging number (text rates may apply)
If you have not signed up for SchoolMessenger Skylert notifications you may miss out on important notifications for school closures and delays. SchoolMessenger updates nightly with the latest contact info so there is nothing else you need to do at this time.

Detailed instructions for managing your Skylert options can be found below:

SchoolMessenger Skylert Management Guide

For more information about SchoolMessenger please contact Jay Blackman at 219-696-6661.