Department Staff

Steve Jackson
Director of Safety and Security

Mr. Jackson began his service with the Tri-Creek School Corporation in October of 2020. He grew up in northwest Ohio. He graduated in 1989 from Valparaiso University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He was hired by the Valparaiso City Police Department and attended the 100th session of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, Indiana. Throughout his career with the Valparaiso police, he was the head firearms instructor, armorer, and lead instructor for the department. In 1999, he was promoted to the rank of patrol corporal. He was awarded the Life Saving Medal in 2000 for saving the life a suicidal woman, who happened to be a teacher going through a very difficult time in her life. In 2001, he was promoted to the rank of patrol sergeant. In 2004, he was assigned to be the school resource officer (SRO), Indiana school safety specialist, and middle school GREAT (gang resistance) instructor for the Valparaiso Community Schools. During his service in the Valparaiso schools, he was also an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech Community College in Valparaiso where he taught a number of criminal justice courses including community policing, ethics, law enforcement, and criminal law. Mr. Jackson retired from police service in April of 2019 after almost 30 years at Valparaiso.

“When I was growing up, some of my biggest heroes were my teachers. They really helped influence me to be the best that I could be and contributed greatly to who I am today,” explained Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson has always had a passion for helping to protect kids and teachers. In his role as director of safety and security, he will help evaluate and develop continuing improvements in many areas, such as crisis management plans, building security, and safety education. “Having a job in which I can help the students and staff be able to come to school in a safe environment and support them every day is something I take very seriously and truly enjoy.” His motto is “everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.”

Outside of his role as director of safety and security for Tri-Creek School Corporation, Mr. Jackson is happily married to his wife, Jodi, who works at the Valparaiso YMCA. He has two sons—Alex, who works in the trades, and Andrew, who attends middle school and aspires to be an architect. Mr. Jackson is writing a book on his career as a police officer. He enjoys playing with his Labrador retrievers, Lucy and Luna, travelling, fishing, photography, and doing charitable work through the Valparaiso Elks and Porter Lodge Masonic Fraternities to which he belongs.

Mr. Jackson would like to encourage parents to be active in their child’s life and education as much as possible. “As a police officer, I saw the problems associated with young people who didn’t have strong parental influence and involvement, and I can’t stress enough the devastation that it causes,” he added.

Mr. Jackson can be contacted at his office:
Office: 219-750-1291

Officer Cory Burkus
School Resource Officer

Officer Cory Burkus
The Tri-Creek School Corporation has one full-time uniform police officer working within the school district. Officer Cory Burkus is primarily assigned to the Lowell High School. He is a 15-year veteran of the Lowell Police Department. He has been the Tri-Creek School Corporation’s school resource officer for 7 years. Although assigned to the high school, he also does regular visits and assists the administration at Lowell Middle School and each of the three elementary schools.

Officer Burkus can be reached at the Lowell High School at:
Office: 219-750-1736