Vision: Grateful for the present. Preparing for the future.

Mission: The mission of Oak Hill Elementary is to create a safe learning environment by promoting respect, valuing differences, and building strong relationships while providing opportunities for and encouraging independent thinking, creativity, and goal-setting.


We believe all members of our school family have something valuable to contribute to our learning community.

We believe in open communication between parents, students, and peers.

We believe in respect and in modeling and teaching positive behaviors.

We believe in having a positive mindset every day, in and out of the classroom.

We believe in staff and students taking risks: trying new strategies and skills and learning from our mistakes.

We believe that we are in this together and we are better as a team than standing alone as an individual.

We believe in focusing on solutions rather than problems.

We believe in delivering instruction that is developmentally appropriate.

We believe in celebrating teacher and student accomplishments or progress of goals.

We believe in small, flexible grouping and ensure teachers and assistants rotate who they work with.

We believe in differentiating instruction.

We believe in consistent and appropriate professional development for all staff.

We believe in activating students’ prior knowledge

We believe in scaffolding our questioning.

We believe in timely and consistent feedback to students.

We believe in clearly communicating learning goals and expectations to students.

I Can statements and learning goals posted

We believe in consistent and structured routines.

We believe in self-reflection for teachers and students.

We believe in creating a learning environment that is inviting and welcoming to all.