Principal's Message

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude at being given the opportunity to serve this great community. As a Lowell resident, I am thrilled to be able to support those in the community where I live, and I am excited for the upcoming school year!

The staff at LHS work diligently to provide each student with a high-quality education while fostering an environment where students are learning skills needed to be successful in the future!  With student centered strategies at the heart of our instruction, students are empowered to maximize their academic potential and take ownership of their learning- ultimately preparing them for the future!

For us, preparing students for life after high school means more than just earning a diploma. It means students are equipped with the necessary skills to be successful in the workplace. It means students have a plan for the future. It means that students have found their purpose and are ready to make this world a better place.  

Everything we do at LHS revolves around our school vision of PRIDE!  Perseverance, Reliability, Integrity, Drive & Empathy.  We empower students to be their best selves while fostering a strong sense of pride in all that they do! 

We firmly believe in the importance of building positive relationships with students, helping them find their purpose, and guiding them to reach their full potential. I am confident that the staff at Lowell High School will work hard to provide all students with a solid foundation for the future!


Mrs. Angela Patrick