LHS offers plenty of help for students who want to get their grades up!

Tutoring Graphic

by Alyssa Andriese

Every student has been to the point where they need that extra step in the correct direction for help. They’re so close to getting the letter grade they want on their report card, but it’s just shy a few percentages. They’re in luck at LHS, however, because our school provides several opportunities to help them achieve their goal and get the grade that they’re looking for. Help sessions, held every Wednesday, provide students with the time to see teachers for assistance. Perhaps the student was absent or simply didn’t understand a concept in whole group instruction. The Help session is perfect for them. To meet with a teacher during Help, simply ask the teacher for a pass prior to the day it’s needed. The Help session pass list comes out at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, so the request must be made by then. Unfortunately, sometimes Help sessions can be canceled for assemblies, but the administration is looking into ways to minimize that problem.

LHS’s National Honor Society also provides tutoring to anyone who needs it. Several tutors can be found in the media center on any given Wednesday, but NHS tutors are also embedded in the freshmen advisories. Upperclassmen can find tutors there, as well. If a student doesn’t want to barge in on a freshmen advisory, they can visit NHS sponsor, Mr. Gianotti, in his room, and he will take them to the tutor.

LHS students also have two online resources that they can find on the Student Hub. The Post had an article in its 3rd issue as to how to find the Student Hub and what’s on it once a student does discover it. The Student Hub offers a District Tutoring list, which students sign up for and someone within the Tri-Creek School Corporation will assist them. That’s an invaluable resource. The other one is Online Tutoring resources. This isn’t a specific student or helper, but instead, it’s a collection of resources meant to make a student’s classwork easier to accomplish.

As far as test prep goes, nothing beats the Khan Academy. In fact, it’s been predicted that students who fail to use the Khan Academy to prepare them for the SAT will fall farther and farther behind those who do because Khan tailors its test prep to the individual. Khan can help students with regular classes, especially in math and science, but they also have tutorials that cover standardized tests like the PSAT and the SAT. 2022 graduate Liam Collins completed the entire Khan Academy SAT test prep course, and he scored an outstanding 1510. He then went on to the University of Southern Indiana on a full-ride scholarship solely based on his SAT score. Using Khan can equal cash money.

High school is tough, and LHS recognizes that different students need help with different things. Students should take advantage of the opportunities listed above.