Mrs. Patrick Speaks About Lowell High School’s School Improvement Plan

Words- School Improvement Plan

By Sophia Emery

As required by the Indiana Department of Education, Lowell High School developed a school improvement plan based on the best interests of the student body and the school as a whole. The plan consists of school-specific information, data analysis, and strategies to reach school-specific goals. There are three main goals the school strives to achieve over the course of three years. The goals can be broken down into math, ELA, and social-emotional focused objectives.

Since the SAT is the new accountability test for Indiana high schools, it was chosen as the data to analyze and improve. For ELA, Lowell High School aims to increase the number of students who meet or exceed the state At College-Ready benchmark for the SAT by 13% and math by 17%. During the start-of-the-year survey, only 59% of the student population reported that they felt consistently supported by peers and staff members at LHS. LHS plans to increase the percentage of students who feel consistently supported by peers and staff members by 16%.

Along with addressing the academic and student well-being improvements, there has also been
internal construction improvements. In the summer of 2022, a 17,000-square-foot expansion of the Red Devil Trades building was finished. This created a larger working center for students who plan to pursue a technical field beyond high school, providing the student body with more options and opportunities.
The LHS project-based learning environment works to prepare students for life after high school and gives students insight into realistic employment experiences. By providing collaboration opportunities, the
students of LHS are given a push toward developing desirable skill sets for the workforce.
Lowell Senior High School’s vision is the key focus of the ideals instilled amongst its students:
“Empowering students to be their best selves while fostering a strong sense of Red Devil Pride!” This vision was based on the core values of the school community. The PRIDE acronym stands for perseverance, reliability, integrity, drive, and empathy.

Lowell High School has been making internal changes, creating a shift in academic and social-
emotional focus, fostering a project-based learning environment, engaging in technology-rich learning, and offering more expansive course options. These improvements have been guiding the students of LHS to reach their full potential, and prepare for life after graduation.