New semester offers fresh start for LHS students

The best time for a fresh start is now graphic

By Emma Sampias

Establishing a fresh start to the new semester begins with creating a new slate. Creating a new slate means having the opportunity to restart and establish a new beginning. With a new semester comes the resetting of grades, a possible change in courses, a fresh mindset, and a fresh start with your teachers. All of these things collectively encourage an improved semester. So, students should put their best foot forward and begin anew.

This fresh start may begin with a positive mindset. Various ways to have a positive mindset include practicing positive self-talk, self-reflection, surrounding ourselves with positive people, focusing on the present moment, and practicing gratitude and integrity. By doing these things, students will see a tremendous difference in themselves. They may realize an overall growth in themselves, a lack of stress, an increase in productivity, and an overall improvement of their well-being.

Increasing positivity can easily evolve into an increase of healthy relationships. This healthy New semester offers fresh start for LHS students by Emma Sampias relationships can vary from friends, family, teachers, and others. Creating a healthy relationship with a teacher is important, if at all possible. To have a healthy relationship, there needs to be respect, trust, patience, and good communication. With these components, learning within our classrooms becomes easier.

Incorporating these few elements into the beginning of the semester helps lead students in the right direction for a positive school year.

Conclusively, a fresh start is all it takes to be the best student a person can possibly be. Take every semester seriously and make the most of being a Red Devil!