Alumnus, Mr. Martinez, brings passion for economics and government back to LHS

Mr. Martinez photo

By: Adam Hammer

Mr. Martinez is a new member of the LHS staff this year, joining at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. He teaches economics and government and is also an alumnus, graduating from Lowell in 2008. Since graduating, he has been busy with multiple teaching jobs before returning to Lowell. He taught at three other schools, two of which were in Arizona, where he lived for part of his life and taught at Kofa and Boulder Creek high schools. He then also taught for a short time at Boone Groove High School.

To go along with his teaching experience, Mr. Martinez worked as a 911 dispatcher at one point in the Lake County 911 Call Center. He took calls for almost all of Lake County, and he also trained new dispatchers. Making a positive impact on the community and helping others is important to Mr. Martinez, and he has succeeded in doing his best to live up to that idea.

Mr. Martinez told The Post that he first found a passion for Government and Economics at an early age. He says “Since high school, I’ve loved it. I had a connection with the topics and thought it was interesting and meaningful.” He likes to teach government because he feels that by informing students who are transitioning into adulthood about something that really will help them make a difference in the world, he is truly making an impact on their lives.

Since joining the LHS staff, Mr. Martinez has done nothing but begin to again make an impact on his students by informing them about both the economy and government structures in the United States. He creates interesting projects and ways to incorporate all types of learning in his classroom and adds his own personal touch to the assignments and projects. Outside of school, Mr. Martinez has recently been getting back into running and doing a lot of streaming and reading as well.

Out of all the schools that he has taught at, Mr. Martinez had this to say about LHS: “My favorite thing about Lowell is the pride and school spirit, which is amazing, and everybody has an equal chance of opportunity here. It’s awesome.” Mr. Martinez has been a great addition to the LHS staff this year. We look forward to seeing the impact on the students he makes and all the other great things he accomplishes in the future. Thank you, Mr. Martinez, for everything you’ve already done.