School Safety Alert

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The below message was sent to all families and staff at Tri-Creek School Corporation this morning:

April 4, 2023

Tri-Creek School Community: 

This morning two Lowell Middle School students reported to school administration that one of them had been approached by a man in a gray truck while at the bus stop at approximately 7:30 a.m. The bus stop is located near the intersection of West Meadow and Mohawk. The man in the truck allegedly asked the student to help him with something and told him he needed him to get into the truck. The student refused, began to walk away, and took out his phone to call his guardian. At that time, the truck drove away in the direction of Casey’s General Store. 

The truck was described as a gray pickup truck driven by an adult white male with a beard. Please be aware and remind your children of “stranger danger.”

The Lowell Police Department was involved in receiving the information, and an investigation was opened. We are thankful to the students who did the right thing and reported this incident to their families first and then immediately to the school. 

Should there be any residents near the bus stop who happened to catch this incident on surveillance camera, please contact Principal Crussen at Lowell Middle School as soon as possible at 219-696-7701. 


Teri Crussen

Lowell Middle School