Safety and Security

Our mission at Tri Creek begins with building a cohesive and supportive school environment.

  • Students feel safe to talk to each other and to staff
  • There is mutual trust and respect among students and school staff
  • There is on-going dialogue and relationships with family and community members that interact with the school
  • There is adequate support, training and resources for school staff
  • Reduce the day to day aggression and the many forms it takes (e.g.,physical, social, cyber) within the schools and community.
  • Decrease the isolation of students and build an inclusive climate where all students work together in problem solving and conflict resolution skills are more likely to provide a safe and productive atmosphere

RELATE to students and give them a voice. Creating a school culture where every student feels connected to their peers, cared for by an adult in the school, and valued as an integral member of the community goes a long way in keeping our school safe. Cultivating this positive culture starts with listening to our students.

COMMUNICATE the importance of reporting suspicious behaviors or any concerns. This may require answering late-night calls from a concerned parent or responding to a weekend social media post, but being open and responsive goes a long way. To promote communication, start with educating the school community on what to do when they have a safety concern.


Certified Safety Specialists

The State of Indiana requires each school corporation in the state to have at least one certified school safety specialist. Tri-Creek School Corporation employs multiple individuals with the school safety specilist certification across each of our school buildings and district office. To become certified, a safety specialist must complete a rigorous five-day basic training conducted by national school safety experts in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Education. To maintain certification, each specialist must attend two days of training each school year. Safety Specialist training is based on national best practices in school safety and security.