School Safety Announcement

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School Safety Announcement from the Tri-Creek School Corporation

Friday, April 14, 2023

Tri-Creek School Community:

This morning there was a report of more than 40 schools in Indiana receiving a bomb threat via an email. Authorities deemed the threat to be unsubstantiated and not credible. No threat of any kind was received by the Lowell Police Department or Tri-Creek Schools, and no local, state, or federal safety agencies reported any concern to Lowell or the Tri-Creek school community. 

Please know if there is ever a true safety concern or crisis situation, Tri-Creek Schools will alert the entire school community as evidenced in our track record with the most recent message being just 10 days ago on April 4 regarding a concern with a stranger inviting a student into a vehicle.

As always, if you See Something, Say Something. In the meantime, rest assured if there is ever a concern to students, staff, or anyone in our school community, Tri-Creek Schools will do due diligence to make the information known.