Small Town - Big Vision

It is the time-tested dream of every parent to give their children a better life than they themselves had. While the same holds true for parents in the predominantly rural community of Lowell, Indiana, the ability to do so is hindered by a world that is bigger than the one they know, and is moving at a pace faster than they can keep up with. A potentially intimidating and ever-changing world, brimming with new opportunities, exists beyond the familiar rolling farmlands of Lowell – one that their children will need to be prepared for.

Tri-Creek School Corporation is undertaking an ambitious effort to create a progressive, collaborative, innovative and tech-centric school system that not only prepares students for thriving success in college, but a rich, full life beyond that.

Already recognized as a passionate and trustworthy partner in educating students and unlocking their greatest potential for success, Tri-Creek’s vision reaches beyond the classroom to also engage with the Lowell community, provide birth-to-grave learning opportunities and develop partnerships with colleges and local business leaders to build even greater capacity for individual success.