Quality staff is one of the reasons why Tri-Creek schools are great. Please, participate in recognizing our staff!
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SARA FOURNET, Lake Prairie Instructional Assistant Recognized on 10.27.22 for constantly taking initiative and helping students during any free opportunity--never stops helping a student. Sara is described as a huge team player, covering and filling in for others when needed and on short notice. The teacher and the students of her class are thankful for her work and feel lucky to have Mrs. Fournet as their instructional assistant.

JILL GARRISON, Three Creeks Instructional Assistant Recognized on 11-10-2022 for always willing to jump in and assist with whatever we need. She is always positive, always smiling, and is a great role model for our students. She is a true team player in every sense of the role and continues to be a bright spot at Three Creeks.

STACEY HEAMS, Safety and Security Coordinator Recognized on 11-10-2022 for her accomplishments this school year. She has been able to help us become a part of nationally recognized programs that are going to greatly improve the level of safety and security in the Tri-Creek school district. She inspires those around her to think outside the box and reach beyond their comfort zones.

Randy Bogathy

RANDY BOGATHY, Lowell H.S. Law Enforcement Teacher Recognized on 11-10-2022 for volunteering six hours of his time over the course of two evenings to train several teacher assistants from Three Creeks Elementary School in CPR. The assistants all shared with their principal, Jon Nannenga, how much they appreciated Randy and his willingness to volunteer his time for them.

Rachel Boncela

RACHEL BONCELA, Lowell M.S. NISEC LD Teacher Recognized on 11-10-2022 for spending absurd amounts of time with the kids who constantly struggle. She is willing to help her kids achieve success, and she finds opportunities for her kids to shine on a regular basis. She doesn't give up on kids, and she tries to show them the empathy that they need to move forward.

Diane Schoon

DIANE SCHOON, Lowell H.S. Building Secretary Recognized on 11-28-2022 for being incredibly caring and helpful. She is the face of the school as she is one of the first people that community members see when they visit the school. She is equally as positive and supportive with community members and students as she is with staff. She is truly one of the most unsung heroes of this school. She make every day better.

Eric Tarnowski

ERIC TARNOWSKI, Lowell M.S. Social Studies Teacher Recognized on 11-29-2022 for working to provide fun activities for LMS student council members and providing them with great opportunities for community service. He works over and above school hours to be there for the students and to provide them with unforgettable opportunities.

Kristen Hughes

KRISTEN HUGHES, Three Creeks Title I Teacher Recognized on 12-01-2022 for having a tremendously positive impact on students in every grade level at Three Creeks. She plans purposeful, intentional reading and math intervention lessons for each grade level, and the effectiveness of her instruction shows up in the classroom. This is a daunting task, but she preforms her job with a big, warm smile and genuine willingness to support all learners! She also balances the responsibilities of being a team leader for MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support).

Brandie Muha

BRANDIE MUHA, Oak Hill Principal. Recognized on 12-01-2022 for improving the culture and climate of Oak Hill since becoming principal. Staff in all capacities are empowered to do their very best each day to reach their true potential. She is responsive to their wonders or concerns with curriculum, instruction, and student supports. She is always available to brainstorm solutions and encourages her staff to always try something new.

Heather Bakker

HEATHER BAKKER, Lake Prairie Cafeteria Manager Recognized on 12-02-2022 for helping teach her coworkers new things and making a pleasant work atmosphere.