Kyle R. Mitsch

Mr. Kyle R. Mitsch

Board Vice-President

Term of Service:  January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2024

Mr. Mitsch is a 2005 graduate of Lowell High School.  He served five years in the United States Marine Corp and attended ITT Tech.  He is owner of JR's Custom Cabinets, Inc. in Lowell, Indiana.  He and his wife, Ariel, have two children attending Tri-Creek schools.  

Why is Tri-Creek School Corporation/public education important to you?

Tri-Creek School Corporation is home for me.  I grew up going to school here.  I played sports here.  When I came home from the Marines and got married and started having kids, I knew I wanted to be involved with the schools.  Becoming a school board member has opened my eyes to just how important public education is.  It is incredible how far Tri-Creek has advanced since I went to school here.  As a board member, I will always strive and push for Tri-Creek to be the best in academics and athletics and to be a safe environment for all students.  I want the kids who go here to have the same feeling about Tri-Creek that I do when they get older.  I want it to feel like its home.  GO Devils!!