Board of Education

Debra E. Harden

Mrs. Debra E. Harden

Board Vice-President

Mrs. Harden is a 2002 graduate of Lowell High School as well as a graduate of McCo...

Robert W. Hayden

Mr. Robert W. Hayden

Board Member

Mr. Hayden is a 2005 graduate of Lowell High School. He is a farmer with Eagle Rock Far...

Katie L. Kimbrell

Mrs. Katie L. Kimbrell

Board Secretary

Mrs. Kimbrell is a 2001 graduate of Lowell High School. She earned a Bachelor...

Dr. Nathan H. Kleefisch

Dr. Nathan H. Kleefisch

Board Member

Dr. Kleefisch has a Doctor of Education, Ed.D., in Educational Leadership from the Univ...

Kyle R. Mitsch

Mr. Kyle R. Mitsch

Board President

Mr. Mitsch is a 2005 graduate of Lowell High School.  He served five years in the ...