Dr. Nathan H. Kleefisch

Dr. Nathan H. Kleefisch

Board Member

Term of Service:  January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2026

Dr. Kleefisch has a Doctor of Education, Ed.D., in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. He is a retired school superintendent at MSD of Boone Township, Hebron, Indiana.  Dr. Kleefisch and his wife, Kathleen, have three children, who are all graduates of Lowell High School.

Why is Tri-Creek School Corporation/public education important to you?

Public education is the foundation of providing all of its young citizens with the basic tools to succeed in all aspects of life. Learning to read, write, and think critically is essential in preparing students to function and reach their individual goals.

Tri-Creek School Corporation has a long history of placing all of its K-12 students at the forefront of the latest educational and technological advancements while maintaining the diverse needs of the individual student. While there are always obstacles in education, through the caring and hard work of its dedicated teachers, support staff, and administration, Tri-Creek schools do a wonderful job of preparing students in each grade level to transition smoothly to the next level.

In addition, Tri-Creek School Corporation focuses on providing a broad range of educational outcomes for all students. Examples of such includes, appropriately preparing students to enter the various building/automotive/technology fields, along with entering the workforce directly after high school. Furthermore, Tri-Creek has been at the cutting edge of preparing high school students to seamlessly enter a variety of postsecondary institutions within the State of Indiana and beyond through its outstanding university and building trade partnerships.